Badminton was introduced in Ghana in the 1950s by Dr. and Mrs. Frank Lukey, Dr. Nandi and Dr and Mrs. Mahadervan, expatriates based in Kumasi. The game was first introduced and played in the Universities and Mining areas until it received official recognition by the National Sports Council in 1974 with the formation of the Badminton Association of Ghana.

Development and Promotion

Two Ghanaians whose names were synonymous with the development and promotion of the sport were Lt. Col. Joe Kumi who was the first Chairman of the Association and Mr. L.B. Akainyah, a Kumasi based Lawyer. In 1976, the Association became a full member of both International Badminton Federation, the predecessor of World Badminton Federation(BWF) and African Badminton Federation, now Badminton Confederation Africa (BCA).

Two years later in 1979 Ghana hosted the Africa Badminton Federation Under-15 Championships in Kumasi. The Championships trophy was donated by the Ghana Badminton Association. Various clubs were formed in the country among which inter-club matches were often played. These clubs included the Ashanti Badminton Club, Asokwa Badminton Club, UST Badminton Club (in Kumasi) Accra Badminton Club (ABC), Tesano Badminton Club, ATTC Badminton Club, YMCA Club of Takoradi, EREDEC Club of Koforidua, in addition to the clubs of University of Ghana and Specialist Training College, Winneba.

GPHA Centre, Tema 27th – 30th July 2016

The 2016 BADMINTON GHANA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP is one of the exclusive national tournaments under the patronage of the Badminton Association of Ghana. Its purpose is to widen our national talent development team and to select athletes for Veterans World Championship and build a solid national team towards Africa and the Commonwealth Games. It will strengthen the bonds of Sports and the enterprise worldrepresenting all regionals sports teams.

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The Badminton Association of Ghana exists to develop, promote, organize and control the Game of Badminton in Ghana. The Association will organize national competitions and championships to select prepare National Teams to participate in International, Continental and World Championships. The Association will also attract and encourage people of all age levels to practice the sport in Ghana for recreational purposes. To develop, promote and popularize the sport of Badminton throughout Ghana and abide by the universal rules of the Game.

Past Chairman

Since its inception, the Association has had six (devil) Chairmen and several Secretaries General. The first Chairman was Lt. Col Kumi – 1974, Mr. Akainyah, a Kumasi based Lawyer from 1974 to 1979, followed by Mr. F.M. Dickson, 1980-2001, then Mr. Charles K. Darko, 2001-2004; Mr. Paul Kodjokuma, 2004 – 2008, and the current President, Mr. Nestor Percy Galley – 2009 – to date. The latter was also the first elected President of the Association with Mr. Ignatius Elletey appointed as the Secretary General in 2009.

Major Tournaments

The Association has participated in a number of major international tournaments, namely; World Championship, Hong Kong – 1978, China – 1979, Nigeria (Open – 1979) A.P. International – Nigeria, 1995, All Africa Games in Botswana, 1997, Commonwealth Games in Malaysia, 1998, All Africa Games in South Africa in 1999, Open Championship, 2001, Zambia, Manchester Commonwealth Games, 2002, A.P. International Nigeria, 2002, All Africa Badminton Championship, Algeria, 2006, 2007 All African Games in Algeria, 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, 2011 All African Games, Maputo, Mozambique, amongst others.